Fund 1

PFM is planning to offer its first fund later in 2017, which will be offered as a private equity Reg D fund. Structured as a debt fund, the first fund is designed to minimize development risk and maximize current yields and provide superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors. PFM’s real estate debt funds provide U.S. and overseas investors a tax efficient investment vehicle.

Pinnacle Fund I (“Fund I”) is a real estate debt fund open to global accredited investors that provides capital to CAI projects structured as either senior or subordinate debt for CAI to use either as financing for its projects and as sponsor equity for the capital stack of each project.

The term of Fund I is 3-5 years. Investors in Fund I will receive a quarterly dividend and a return of invested capital at the closing of the fund at the end of its term. Fund I is a private placement Regulation D 506(c) offering (general solicitation allowed) open only to accredited investors.

For more information on Fund I, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the inquiry form.

Planned Funds

Pinnacle Fund Management (“PFM”) will create additional funds, structured as Regulation A+, SEC-registered, no load, next generation, Non-Traded REITs open to U.S. and global non-accredited investors.

The next gen NT REITs will own stabilized long-term NNN leased income generating retail properties that will pay projected dividends in the 7-9% range with targeted overall returns of 10-12% IRR.

The next gen NT REITs will be widely marketed online and in general media outlets and directly sold on the PFM.funds website and other online distributors of NT REITs.

Selling direct to investors eliminates the up to 10-15% total upfront commissions currently charged by broker-dealers that sell traditional NT REITs to individual investors seeking NT REITs with attractive yields.

For more information on the planned NT REITs, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the inquiry form.

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